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A storm drainage utility fee shall be paid by each person(s) responsible and shall be established by resolution of the Council for commercial or industrial units, duplexes, mobile home parks, multiple-family units, single-family units and equivalent residential units.

1. Such fee shall be established in amounts which will provide sufficient funds to properly manage and maintain public storm drainage facilities.

2. Such fee may be used for the construction of new storm drainage facilities or for the extension of existing storm drainage facilities.

3. Council may from time to time by resolution, change the fees based upon revised estimates of the cost of properly managing, maintaining, extending and constructing public storm drainage facilities.

4. Credit will be allowed for runoff control measures. When approved by the Director, storm drainage utility fees may be reduced for a property where approved runoff control measures have been taken. A fee reduction shall be on a straight line basis with conditions existing on the date of the passage of this ordinance, being considered as starting or initial conditions. If the person responsible establishes, to the satisfaction of the Director, that all runoff from a property is disposed of without utilizing public storm drainage facilities either directly or indirectly, there will be no fees charged under the provisions of this chapter.

5. Property not used for single-family dwelling purposes shall be considered to be furnished service in proportion to the amount of the property’s impervious surface, and that for each 3,000 square feet (or increment of 100 square feet) of impervious surface, the property is furnished service equivalent to that furnished a single-family unit and that the minimum service charge shall be that established for a single-family unit.