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A. Any person affected by a deficiency determination may file a petition for redetermination with the Tax Administrator within ten (10) business days of service of notice of the tax deficiency. A determination becomes final if a petition for redetermination is not timely filed.

B. If a petition for redetermination is filed within the allowable period, the Tax Administrator shall reconsider the determination and grant an oral hearing if requested. The petitioner shall be allowed at least twenty (20) business days to prepare for the hearing.

C. After considering the petition and all available information, the Tax Administrator shall issue a redetermination decision and mail the decision to the petitioner. During the redetermination process, the Tax Administrator may agree to a compromise of the amount due if there is a good faith dispute over the amount owing.

D. The decision of the Tax Administrator on redetermination becomes final and payment is due ten (10) business days after the decision is mailed unless the petitioner files an appeal to the City’s Hearings Officer within that time. The appeal shall be filed with the Tax Administrator. The Hearing Officer’s decision shall be final when reduced to writing and mailed to the petitioner, and all amounts due and payable must be paid within ten (10) business days of mailing of the Hearings Officer’s decision. (Ord. 3201 § 1, replaced, 08/20/2021)