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The following words and phrases, as used in Chapter 4.20 of the Ashland Municipal Code, have the following definitions and meanings:

A. Capital Improvement(s). Public facilities or assets used for any of the following:

1. Water supply, treatment and distribution;

2. Sanitary sewers, including collection, transmission and treatment;

3. Storm sewers, including drainage and flood control;

4. Transportation, including but not limited to streets, sidewalks, bike lanes and paths, street lights, traffic signs and signals, street trees, public transportation, vehicle parking, and bridges; or

5. Parks and recreation, including but not limited to mini-neighborhood parks, neighborhood parks, community parks, public open space and trail systems, buildings, courts, fields and other like facilities.

B. Development. As used in Sections 4.20.020 through 4.20.090 means constructing or enlarging a building or adding facilities, or making a physical change in the use of a structure or land, which increases the usage of any capital improvements or which will contribute to the need for additional or enlarged capital improvements.

C. Public Improvement Charge. A fee for costs associated with capital improvements to be constructed after the effective date of this ordinance. This term shall have the same meaning as the term “improvement fee” as used in ORS 223.297 through 223.314.

D. Qualified Public Improvements. A capital improvement that is required as a condition of development approval; and is identified in the plan adopted pursuant to section 4.20.060.B. However, it does not include improvements sized or established to meet only the demands created by a development.

E. Reimbursement Fee. A fee for costs associated with capital improvements constructed or under construction on the date the fee is adopted pursuant to Section 4.20.040.

F. Systems Development Charge. A reimbursement fee, a public improvement charge or a combination thereof assessed or collected at any of the times specified in Section 4.20.070. It shall not include connection or hook-up fees for sanitary sewers, storm drains or water lines, since such fees are designed by the City only to reimburse the City for the costs for such connections. Nor shall the SDC include costs for capital improvements which by City policy and State statute are paid for by assessments or fees in lieu of assessments for projects of special benefit to a property. (Ord. 2791 § 1, amended, 1997)