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No person, firm or corporation, other than the party to whom a certificate is directed and issued, is entitled to rely upon any information contained in a certificate of lien of the City; and the City shall assume no responsibility and shall have no liability to any third person as a result of issuing any certificate of lien. There shall be no liability for an error in a certificate in excess of the actual loss to the party to whom a certificate has been issued, and such damage shall in no event exceed the amount of the omitted lien or liens existing upon the property in question on the date of the issuance of the certificate. There shall also be no liability where any of the persons to whom a certificate has been issued has knowledge or notice of the lien or has suffered a loss through their own neglect or carelessness. In any case, where the City is liable for damages in the issuance of a certificate of lien search, it shall, upon payment of such damage, become subrogated to all of the rights of the damaged party and shall be entitled to an assignment of such rights against any and all third parties who may be liable for such damage. (Ord. 1644 § 5, amended, 1970)