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A. All employers covered under this chapter shall pay employees a “living wage” of wages and benefits equal to $14.52 per hour (CPI 6/30/16). Benefits, which can be attributed to a living wage, are limited to health care, retirement, 401k and IRS eligible cafeteria plans (including childcare).

B. Work presently being performed by City of Ashland employees may not be contracted out unless the contractor pays employees performing that work a living wage or the current City wage, whichever is higher.

C. The wage rate required in section A shall be adjusted annually, effective June 30, to reflect increases during the preceding year (January through December) in the Consumer Price Index Urban Wage Earners, as published by the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics.

D. Employers subject to this chapter shall post a notice, which notifies employees of their potential rights under this chapter. Such notice shall be posted predominantly in areas where it will be seen by all employees. (Ord. 2875, added, 09/04/2001)