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A. Pay Plan and Compensation. The pay plan and compensation for each classification and the positions within that classification will be that established by current employee union contracts and formal agreements between the City and nonunion employees.

B. Appointee Compensation. An appointee to a new position shall receive the minimum salary for that position except as follows:

1. In cases of unusual difficulty in filling the position.

2. In hiring exceptionally qualified personnel, the City Administrator may cause the appointment to be made at a salary above the minimum, but not more than the maximum for the position.

3. Employees appointed to a position above the entry level salary will be required to complete the full length of service required for the next regularly scheduled pay increase. However, the City Administrator, on the recommendation of an employee’s supervisor, may at any time grant an increase for meritorious service. (Ord. 3078, amended, 11/20/2012)