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A. Position Classification Plan. The City Manager shall prepare and be responsible for a position classification plan which shall be a part of these policies. Copies of this plan and of specifications for individual classes shall be available in the Human Resources Department.

B. Titles and Specifications. The position classification plan shall include titles and written specifications for the various classes of positions as a guide toward equal pay for equal work. Job titles shall refer to a particular position and not to the individual.

1. Each position shall, on the basis of the duties and responsibilities of the position, be allocated to an appropriate class.

2. Each class shall have a specification that includes a concise, descriptive title, a general description of the duties and responsibilities of each position in the class, and a statement of the minimum or the desirable qualifications for each such position.

The position specifications take into consideration the requirements of the job and are merely descriptive and explanatory of the work to be performed. They may not necessarily include all of the duties.

C. Reclassification.

1. The City Manager may reclassify a position whenever its duties change materially, provided the reclassification can be accomplished within the limitations of the current budget of the City.

2. Reclassification to a new position or a change in job title shall not deprive an employee of, or change the date of eligibility for, scheduled pay increases which would otherwise have been granted.

3. If an employee is promoted, or a position reclassified, to a class having a higher salary range, the employee’s salary step shall be adjusted to the minimum rate of the new class. However, if the employee’s current salary step is higher than the minimum rate for the new class, adjustment will be made to the next highest rate which exceeds the employee’s current step.

4. When reclassification to a new position or a change in job title is a result of a bona fide promotion, the date of the promotion to the new job classification shall become the anniversary date for any future salary adjustments.

5. When an employee is transferred between positions with no change in classification or is transferred or reclassified to a class having the same salary range, the rate of pay shall remain the same.

D. New Positions. The City Manager may create new positions and allocate the positions to an appropriate class. The City Manager shall prepare appropriate class specifications therefor. (Ord. 3192 § 48, amended, 11/17/2020; Ord. 3078, amended, 11/20/2012)