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The Cemetery Department may inter remains of a decedent without liability therefore upon receipt of a certificate of death signed by a registrar authorized by the Department of Health of the State of Oregon, or from an official duly authorized by another state or foreign country to authorize burial of human remains, and either;

A. Receipt of a written authorization from the following persons in the following order of preference:

1. The decedent, in the decedent’s lifetime or from the decedent’s papers after death,

2. The surviving spouse,

3. A surviving child or adopted child over the age of 18 years,

4. A surviving parent or adoptive parent,

5. A next of kin, or

6. Any other person who has acquired the right to control disposition of the remains; or

B. Instructions from a mortician or funeral director licensed by the State of Oregon or by another state or a foreign country. (Ord. 2872, replaced, 08/21/2001)