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A trust fund is created to be known as “Cemetery Trust Fund” into which fund shall be deposited sixty percent of all sums received from sale of burial plots or grave spaces, and sixty percent of all sums received from owners of lots already sold who desire to secure a contract for the perpetual upkeep thereof, and one hundred percent of all bequests and donations, and all other sums which are required to be set aside under the provisions of Section 1 of Article XVIII of the City Charter, the monies in this fund to be kept properly invested, and the income there from to be used for the maintenance and upkeep of cemeteries held by or under control of the City. The forty percent withheld from the purchase price of grave spaces and from sale of perpetual upkeep agreements, shall likewise be used for maintenance and upkeep of the cemeteries. (Ord. 2872, replaced, 08/21/2001)