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The following shall constitute the form of deed to be issued by the City to the purchaser of grave spaces in City cemeteries:


The City of Ashland, Oregon, for consideration of $_______conveys to________________________ further referred to in this deed as Grantee (whether singular or plural), subject to conditions set forth below, the following described grave space or spaces in the_________________Cemetery of the City of Ashland, Jackson County, Oregon:

Space __., Block __, Section __ as designated, numbered and described on the official plat on file with the City Recorder of the City of Ashland, Jackson County, Oregon.


This conveyance is subject to the following conditions:

1. No transfer of the grave space or spaces may be made to anyone except the City of Ashland, who may accept such assignment or transfer in its sole discretion.

2. No curbing enclosing the grave space, or groups of grave spaces, shall ever be constructed, and any other improvements to the space shall not be made unless consented to in writing by the Director of Public Works or the Director’s designee.

3. Only ground level plaques will be permitted in sections 16 through 21 of the Mountain View Cemetery and no monuments, cement work, or construction of any character will be permitted on the grave space or spaces in these sections.

4. No grave shall be dug except by the City of Ashland employees.

5. Grantee, and Grantee’s representatives and heirs, by the acceptance of this deed, agree to comply with any and all of the rules and regulations governing the conduct and operation of this cemetery, which may be imposed by the City of Ashland.


The City of Ashland, in consideration of the payment above mentioned, and the acceptance of the above conditions by the Grantee, agrees to maintain the space or spaces perpetually in a neat and orderly condition, and at its own expense and to properly care for such space or spaces. No contributions or additional payments shall ever be required by the City of Ashland from the Grantee.

Dated ________________________

City of Ashland

By _____________________

City Recorder

(Ord. 2872, replaced, 08/21/2001)