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When a state of emergency is declared to exist and has been ratified, the City administrator:

A. May order the following measures in the interest of the public health, safety, or welfare, in the area designated as an emergency area:

1. Redirect city funds for emergency use and suspend standard city procurement procedures.

2. Establish a curfew that fixes the hours during which all other than officially authorized personnel may be upon the public streets or other public places.

3. Prohibit or limit the number of persons who may gather or congregate upon any public street, public place, or any outdoor place.

4. Barricade streets and prohibit vehicular or pedestrian traffic, or regulate the traffic on any public street leading to the emergency area for such distance as necessary under the circumstances.

5. Evacuate persons.

6. Prohibit the sale of alcoholic beverages.

7. Prohibit or restrict the sale of gasoline, or other flammable liquids.

8. Prohibit the sale, carrying, or possession of any weapons or explosives of any kind on public streets, public places, or any outdoor place.

9. Curtail or suspend commercial activity.

10. Turn off water, gas, or electricity.

11. Control, restrict and regulate by rationing, freezing, use of quotas, prohibitions on shipments, price fixing, allocation or other means, the use, sale or distribution of food, fuel, clothing and other commodities, materials, goods and services.

12. Close all roads and highways in such area to traffic or limit the travel on such roads to such extent as the City administrator deems necessary and expedient.

13. Order such other measures necessary for the protection of life or property, or for the recovery from the emergency.

B. All orders issued under authority conferred by this section shall have the full force and effect of law during the declaration of a state of emergency. All existing laws, ordinances, rules and orders inconsistent with this chapter shall be inoperative during this period of time and to the extent such inconsistencies exist.