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During a declared emergency, the City administrator shall have authority to:

A. Exercise, within the area designated in the proclamation, all police powers vested in the City by the Oregon Constitution, city charter and city ordinances in order to reduce the vulnerability of the City to loss of life, injury to persons or property and human suffering and financial loss resulting from emergencies, and to provide for recovery and relief assistance for the victims of emergencies.

B. Direct any department of the City to utilize and employ city personnel, equipment and facilities for the performance of any activities designed to prevent or alleviate actual or threatened damage due to the emergency, and may direct the departments to provide supplemental services and equipment to federal, state or local agencies to restore any services in order to provide for the health and safety of the citizens of the City.

C. Designate persons to coordinate the work of public and private relief agencies operating in such area and exclude from such area any person or agency refusing to cooperate with and work under such coordinator or to cooperate with other agencies engaged in emergency work.

D. Require the aid and assistance of any state or other public or quasi-public agencies in the performance of duties and work attendant upon the emergency conditions in such area.

E. Clear or remove from publicly or privately owned land or water, debris and wreckage which may threaten public health or safety, or public or private property.

1. In exercising this authority the City administrator may:

a. Accept funds from the federal government or the State of Oregon for the purpose of removing debris or wreckage from publicly or privately owned land or water.

b. Present to the State of Oregon unconditional authorization for removal of such debris or wreckage from public and private property and, in the case of removal of debris or wreckage from private property, agree to indemnify the state government against any claim arising from such removal.

2. Whenever the City administrator provides for clearance of debris or wreckage pursuant to this section, employees of the City or individuals appointed by the City administrator are authorized to enter upon private lands or waters and perform any tasks necessary to the removal or clearance operation.

3. Except in cases of willful misconduct, gross negligence or bad faith, any employee or individual appointed by the City administrator authorized to perform duties necessary to the removal of debris or wreckage shall not be liable for death of or injury to persons or damage to property.