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A. Prior to offering surplus property for public sale, the Surplus Property may be made available by direct transfer or direct sale to the following:

1. Other City departments,

2. Political Subdivisions,

3. State Agencies, and

4. Any nonprofit organization determined to be eligible by the Purchasing Agent.

B. Surplus Property acquired by political subdivisions, state agencies, or qualified not-for-profit organizations through direct sales or transfers must be used only in the conduct of their official public programs.

C. Surplus Property must not be acquired through warehouse floor sales or direct transfer for any use or purpose other than conduct of their official public programs, and not for resale or distribution unless otherwise pre-approved by the Purchasing Agent.

D. Nonqualifying private entities and private citizens, separately or combined, must not be eligible to acquire surplus property except at public sales. (Ord. 3018, amended, 06/01/2010)