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A. A personal service contract that does not exceed $35,000 may be awarded by direct appointment. Personal Services Contracts that are for contract amounts greater than $35,000, but less than $75,000 shall follow the process for Intermediate Procurements as outlined above. In addition, for personal services contracts greater than $5,000, but less than $75,000, the Public Contracting Officer shall make findings that City personnel are not available to perform the services, and that the City does not have the personnel or resources to perform the services required under the proposed contract. However, the City Attorney, the Public Contracting Officer, or Local Contract Review Board, can require a formal solicitation for bids to ensure that the purposes of this chapter are upheld.

1. Class Exemption – Attorney Services. Personal service contracts for legal counsel, legal services, expert witnesses, court-appointed attorneys, stenographers and other legal services are exempt from the competitive procurement requirements of this section and may be entered into based upon the judgment of the City Attorney. The City Attorney shall obtain City Council approval of any expenditure for legal services paid to a single legal services provider that is expected to exceed $50,000 prior to entering into the contract. In addition, except for legal counsel hired by the City to provide legal services to indigent criminal defendants prosecuted by the City, the City Attorney shall select and retain all outside legal counsel hired by the City subject to the approval of the City Council.

2. Pre-qualified Pool Exemption. The City may directly award a personal services contract that does not exceed $100,000 to a provider that has been selected to be on a list of:

a. The City’s current list of qualified providers through a formal process; or

b. From another public contracting agency’s current list of qualified providers as long as the public contracting agency uses a process substantially similar to the City’s to derive the list.

3. Continuation of Work Exemption. Personal service contracts of not more than $100,000 for the continuation of work by a contractor who preformed preliminary studies, analysis or planning for the work under a prior contract may be awarded without competition if the prior contract was awarded under a competitive process and the Public Contracting Officer determines that use of the original contractor will significantly reduce the costs of, or risks associated with, the work.

B. The Local Contract Review Board is hereby opting out of OAR 137-048 regarding architectural, engineering, and land surveying services.

C. The standard procurement rules adopted above shall apply to such contracts, as well as the following personal services selection criteria:

1. Specialized experience in the type of work to be performed;

2. Capacity and capability to perform the work, including any specialized services within the time limitations for the work;

3. Educational and professional record, including past record of performance on contracts with governmental agencies and private parties with respect to cost control, quality of work, ability to meet schedules, and contract administration where applicable;

4. Availability to perform the assignment and familiarity with the area in which the specific work is located, including knowledge of designing or techniques peculiar to it, where applicable;

5. Cost of the services; and

6. Any other factors relevant to the particular contract. (Ord. 3039, amended, 11/07/2010; Ord. 3013, added, 05/18/2010; Ord. 2934, replaced, 11/21/2006)