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A. The declaration of limits on expenditures filed under section 2.41.050 shall certify that with respect to the special, primary or general election, the candidate or the principal campaign committee of the candidate or political committee will not incur attributable expenditures in excess of the applicable expenditure limit described in section 2.41.050.

B. The recorder shall prescribe forms for the filing of the information required by this section. The forms shall also include the name of the candidate by which the candidate is commonly known and by which the candidate transacts important private or official business.

C. The declaration shall be filed with the recorder:

1. For a candidate, not later than the date the candidate files the name of the candidate’s campaign treasurer; and

2. For a political committee, not later than the date that the name of a treasurer is certified to the recorder under ORS 260.035 or 260.037. (Ord. 2994, amended, 10/06/2009; Ord. 2794 § 8, amended, 1997)