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A. General Elections. Petitions for proposed ordinances or Charter Amendments by initiative process shall be offered for filing, with the signatures and verifications complete, with the City Recorder not later than the eighty-eighth (88) day before the next regular City Election at which this proposed ordinance or amendment is to be submitted to the voters.

B. Special Elections. Initiative petitions may call for special elections on the measures to be proposed. When such special election is requested the date on which the election is to be held shall be specified in the petition. Any petition under the initiative process calling for a special election shall be offered for filing with the City Recorder not less than sixty-three (63) days prior to the date fixed in such petition for special election.

C. Referendum Petitions. Any petition for a referendum shall call for the election to be held at the next date available for either a special or general election, as provided by State law, which is not less than ninety-three (93) days from the date that the ordinance being referred was passed. (Ord. 2812 § 4, amended, 1982; Ord. 1319 § 8, amended, 1962)