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A. The City may summarily abate any violation or nuisance on any property or premises which a Code Compliance Officer, in the exercise of reasonable discretion, determines poses an imminent danger or threat to the public’s health, safety or welfare. In the event a Code Compliance Officer makes such a determination, it shall be set out in writing and at a minimum include information on the following:

1. The location of the property where the violation constituting the imminent threat or danger is located;

2. The nature of said violation or condition; and

3. The attempts, if any, to contact the owner of the property and the reason(s) why said owner or responsible person did not abate the violation.

B. In the event the code compliance officer makes the above written determination, the City need not provide pre-abatement notice consistent with Section 2.31.010; however, the City shall provide notice to the owner of the property within ten (10) days after the City’s abatement of the violation. Said notice shall include the following:

1. A copy of the written determination noted in 2.31.070.A;

2. A brief description of the action(s) the City took to abate the violation; and

3. The costs, if known, incurred by the City to abate the violation.

C. The Code Compliance Officer shall have the right at reasonable times to enter into or upon property in accordance with all laws, including search and seizure laws, to investigate or cause the removal of a violation. The City shall have the authority to dispose of all seized property in any lawful manner and shall, if practical, attempt to obtain salvage value for material that has a fair market value in excess of $25.00 per item. (Ord. 3010, added, 04/20/2010)