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A. General. The Public Art Commission will call for entries by issuing a request for proposal, a request for qualification or by invitation. The call for entries will include specific guidelines and criteria for the specific project. Every call for entry must comply with the City’s public contracting rules.

1. Acquisition. Acquisition of public art will generally result from:

a. The commissioning or purchasing of a work of public art by the City using city funds or donated funds, in accordance with public contracting laws and AMC Chapter 2.50; or

b. An offer made to the City to accept a work of public art as a gift, donation, or loan.

2. Removal. Removal of public art may be by request or owing to some damage or destruction of the artwork.

B. Selection Panel. A selection panel, separate from the Public Art Commission, consisting of art professionals and enthusiasts, residents near the proposed site, community members, and city administrators will be chosen to evaluate the proposals received from artists. A different selection panel shall be chosen for each project by the Commission after the following notifications have been made:

1. An ad is placed in a newspaper of general circulation in the City,

2. Postcards are sent out to all property owners located within 300 feet of the proposed site, and

3. A notice is placed on the City’s website.

The Commission shall pick the Selection Panel by examining applications received from interested parties.

C. Evaluation of Acquisition Proposals. Proposals which meet the minimum requirements set forth in the call for entries will be given to the Selection Panel for review. The proposals for acquisition shall be evaluated based upon criteria set forth in the call for entries at a public meeting. The Selection Panel will evaluate the proposals and make a recommendation to the Public Art Commission regarding which proposals to accept. The Commission shall forward that recommendation to the City Council for final selection. This ordinance does not exclude land use approval processes when required for the use or structure.

D. Removal and Disposal Process. Except as provided in AMC 2.29.140.B, neither the Council nor the Commission is bound to follow any particular process for removal and disposal of art in the Ashland Public Art Collection. (Ord. 3003, added, 02/18/2010)