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A. Consistent with City policies and procedures, educate and advocate for Ashland’s Community Climate Recovery Goals (in accordance with AMC 9.40.020).

B. Consistent with the Climate and Energy Action Plan, make recommendations on strategies, actions, and programs related to the wise and efficient use of resources by all Ashland citizens, including:

1. Consumption of goods and services;

2. Materials management, waste prevention, reduction, and recycling;

3. Conservation and efficient use of electricity, water, and natural resources;

4. Promotion of community, residential, and commercial renewable resources;

5. Air quality awareness;

6. Climate resilience and preparedness. (Ord. 3177 § 1, amended, 08/06/2019; Ord. 3003, amended, 02/18/2010; Ord. 2981, added, 04/06/2009)