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A. Purpose. The purpose of the Traffic Sub-Committee is to enable the Transportation Commission to focus on broad transportation concerns by reducing the number of routine and general nonroutine traffic items that come before the full Commission and to insure the Transportation Commission will have sufficient time to devote their full attention to the overall transportation matters at issue.

B. Membership. The Traffic Sub-Committee is established and consists of three regular members of the Transportation Commission who shall sit concurrently on the full Commission. Sub-committee members shall be appointed by the Transportation Commission Chair on a rotating basis until all members have served. Terms are for six month intervals and members may only sit for two consecutive terms at any one time. The Public Works Director shall determine what matters warrant Sub-Committee involvement and meetings shall be convened on an as needed basis. The Public Works Director or designee will serve as staff liaison and recorder for these meetings.

C. Duties. The Traffic Sub-Committee shall consider the following matters:

1. Forward recommendations to the Transportation Commission and Public Works Director on routine and general nonroutine traffic concerns including but not limited to traffic impacts, speed designations, parking, markings, and signage.

2. Recommend to the Transportation Commission specific comments, concerns or suggestions for the improvements to the City of Ashland’s Transportation System Plan or similar Transportation programs, with the emphasis on long range transportation planning and regional transportation plans.

3. Such other general or minor transportation matters as the Transportation Commission deems appropriate for the Traffic Sub-Committee format.

4. The Traffic Sub-Committee or staff liaison may refer any matter before the Traffic Sub-Committee to the Transportation Commission when it becomes apparent the matter involves major policy concerns or potential serious transportation impacts on surrounding areas.

D. Minutes. All Traffic Sub-Committee action minutes will be forwarded to the following Transportation Commission meeting. (Ord. 3003, amended, 02/18/2010; Ord. 2975, added, 11/18/2008)