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A. Purpose. The purpose of a Transportation Commission Subcommittee is to focus on specific transportation topics of concern and bring back critical information for discussion with the whole body.

B. Membership. Subcommittees will be established for a specified purpose and duration and will consist of three regular members of the Transportation Commission who shall sit concurrently on the full Commission. Specific Subcommittee members shall be appointed by the Transportation Commission. The Public Works Director and Transportation Commission Chair shall determine what matters warrant Subcommittee involvement and meetings shall be convened on an as-needed basis.

C. Minutes. Meetings must be noticed and must have summary minutes. No final decisions will be made at the subcommittee level. All recommendations will go to the full Transportation Commission. All Subcommittee summary minutes will be forwarded for the next scheduled Transportation Commission meeting. (Ord. 3173 § 1 (part), amended, 02/19/2019; Ord. 3003, amended, 02/18/2010; Ord. 2975, added, 11/18/2008)