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The Transportation Commission will review and make recommendations on the following topics as it relates to all modes of transportation:

A. Safety: will develop, coordinate and promote transportation safety policies and programs;

B. Planning:

1. Will review and serve as the primary body to develop recommendations to the City’s long range transportation plans and assist with ancillary transportation plans (sidewalk and safe routes to school, transit, traffic, parking, etc.).

2. Will review and make recommendations in Type III Planning Actions during the pre-application process.

C. Funding: will make recommendations to the Public Works Director on the transportation section of the City’s Capital Improvements Program;

D. Advocacy: will advocate and promote all modes of transportation to ensure that modal equity is a reality in Ashland.

1. Facilitate coordination of transportation issues with other governmental entities.

2. Select one (1) or more members to attend meetings with other transportation-related committees in the Rogue Valley.

3. Examine multi-modal transportation issues.

E. The Transportation Commission will review and forward traffic implementation designs to the Public Works Director for final approval and implementation. (Ord. 3173 § 1 (part), amended, 02/19/2019; Ord. 3003, amended, 02/18/2010; Ord. 2975, added, 11/18/2008)