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A. Role. The Transportation Commission advises the City Council and Planning Commission on transportation-related issues, including safety, planning, and funding for auto, truck, transit, ride hailing, bicycle and pedestrian modes, and vehicle parking.

B. Mission. The need for a Transportation Commission is emphasized in the Transportation Element:

“Ashland has a vision - to retain our small-town character even while we grow. To achieve this vision, we must proactively plan for a transportation system that is integrated into the community and enhances Ashland’s livability, character and natural environment. …The focus must be on people being able to move easily through the City in all modes of travel. Modal equity then is more than just a phase. It is a planning concept that does not necessarily imply equal financial commitment or equal percentage use of each mode, but rather ensures that we will have the opportunity to conveniently and safely use the transportation mode of our choice, and allow us to move toward a less auto-dependent community.”

(Ord. 3173 § 1 (part), amended, 02/19/2019; Ord. 3003, amended, 02/18/2010; Ord. 2975, added, 11/18/2008)