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A. The Planning Commission is the appointed citizen body with the primary responsibility of providing recommendations to the Mayor and City Council regarding the overall direction of land use planning. The Commission reviews and makes recommendations regarding comprehensive land use planning and fosters mutual communication on land use issues. The Commission is responsible to the City Council for making recommendations on land use plans and policies that are coordinated with other City plans, policies, and functions.

B. The Planning Commission shall have the powers and duties to:

1. Periodically review the Comprehensive Plan and make recommendations to the City Council on public processes, studies, and potential revisions to the Plan. Work in conjunction with other City citizen advisory commissions, boards, and committees to ensure coordination of various elements of the Comprehensive Plan.

2. Render quasi-judicial decisions on land use applications and appeals of administrative land use decisions as prescribed by the Ashland Code and Oregon state law.

3. Conduct public hearings and make recommendations to the City Council on planning issues and legislative changes to land use regulations and ordinances.

4. When needed to implement City goals and policies, meet with other planning bodies in the region on issues that affect City land use planning. Make recommendations to the City Council on regional land use issues in general.

5. Foster public awareness and involvement in all aspects of land use planning in the community.

C. Except as otherwise set forth by the City Council, the Planning Commission may exercise any or all of the powers and duties enumerated in ORS 227.090 et seq., as well as such additional powers and duties as are set forth herein.