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A. Each advisory body shall submit copies of its meeting minutes to the City Recorder for presentation to the City Council.

B. The chair of each advisory body is expected to give at least one report to the City Council each year on the advisory body’s accomplishments, work in progress, and planned activities. In addition, the Mayor or City Council may from time to time ask chairs for information and recommendations on matters within the scope of their advisory bodies. Chairs’ reports to the Council are to be objective and representative of the majority views of the memberships of their advisory bodies.

C. Council Liaisons may report to the entire Council on significant and important activities of any advisory body to which they have been assigned.

D. Staff Liaisons to the advisory bodies may assist in preparing such reports.

E. Unless otherwise expressly provided in the Ashland Municipal Code or State Law, all reports or recommendations of City advisory bodies committee shall be considered advisory in nature and shall not be binding on the Mayor or City Council. (Ord. 3100, amended, 2014; Ord. 3003, added, 02/18/2010)