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All successors to original members of an advisory commission or board, shall have a three (3) year term, except as otherwise provided in the appointment order and except for certain members of the Municipal Audit Commission, as provided in AMC 2.11.015. Notwithstanding the three year limitation, Planning Commissioners shall serve for terms of four (4) years with terms expiring on April 30 of the fourth year, and Budget Committee members not on City Council shall serve for terms of four (4) years, with terms expiring on June 30 the fourth year. All other regular terms shall commence with appointment and shall expire on April 30 of the third year, unless otherwise provided in the appointment order. The appointing authority may stagger terms in the original appointment order as necessary. Members may serve two (2) terms on any single commission or board, after which time the Mayor and Council will give due consideration to other qualified candidates before making a reappointment. Any vacancy shall be filled by appointment by the Mayor, with confirmation by the City Council, for any unexpired portion of the term as provided in AMC 2.04.090.C. (Ord. 3100, amended, 2014; Ord. 3003, added, 02/18/2010)