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It shall be the duty of the City Recorder/Treasurer to perform the following tasks:

A. Act as clerk of the Council, record and transcribe proceedings of the City Council, and sign and record ordinances and resolutions;

B. Act as custodian of all City ordinances, resolutions, Council minutes, deeds, contracts, judgments, promissory notes and the City seal;

C. Certify property tax levies and delinquent assessments to the County;

D. Prepare, issue and record all cemetery deeds;

E. Conduct City elections in cooperation with the Jackson County officials responsible for conducting elections;

F. Maintain docket of City liens and prepare lien reports as required;

G. Maintain warrant register;

H. Maintain file of legal notices;

I. Keep Charter available to public, with updated boundaries; and

J. Maintain public relations between citizens and the City. (Ord. 3148 § 1, amended, 12/19/2017; Ord. 1705 § 3, amended, 1971)