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The City Administrator is responsible for the preparation of the Council agenda.

A. Agenda Guidelines for Regular Meetings. Topics will be added to a Council agenda based on timeliness of the topic and with consideration of the number of items already scheduled for the Council. Matters to be considered by the Council shall be placed on an agenda to be prepared by the City Administrator from the following:

1. All items considered by the Council during Study Sessions, which require a subsequent Council vote.

2. All items which are required by law or policy to be presented to the Council.

3. All other items that the City Administrator, City Attorney or Mayor present to the Council for action or information.

4. Items placed on the agenda in accordance with paragraphs B and C of this Section.

5. Requests of City Boards, Commissions, and Committees.

B. Agenda Additions by Councilors.

1. Any Councilor may place any item on the Council’s business meeting agenda provided that preparing the matter for Council consideration does not require more than two hours of staff time, including policy research and document drafting. The addition proposed by a Councilor for the agenda of a particular upcoming business meeting must be delivered to the City Administrator no later than noon of the Wednesday prior to that Council meeting. The City Administrator shall determine the order of business of the item. The Mayor may defer the item until a later meeting if the agenda of a particular meeting is already lengthy or if, in the Mayor’s sole judgment, the matter is not time-sensitive, but in no case shall the Mayor defer the item to an agenda that is more than three months beyond the date requested by the Councilor submitting the item. Council members will endeavor to have subjects and any materials they wish considered submitted prior to finalization of the Council packet.

2. A Councilor who wants to add to the Council’s agenda an item requiring more than two hours of preparation by staff, including policy research and document drafting, should first propose the addition at a Regular Meeting under Other Business from Council members or at a Study Session. The Council should consider such additions to the Council agenda in light of City priorities, including adopted City Council Goals, and workload. The Council must agree to proceed with an issue or ordinance before staff time is spent preparing the matter for Council action. The Councilor may present information or a position paper or ask for a department report or committee recommendation. Councilors who agree that staff time can be spent on a particular item are not bound to support the issue when it comes before the Council for a vote.

C. During a meeting. A topic may be added to the agenda by a majority vote of the Councilors present. Generally these items should be limited to items of timeliness or emergencies. Advance notice of executive sessions, however, must be given as required by State law.

D. Postponing Agenda Items Before Consideration.

1. If a Councilor will be absent from an upcoming Regular Meeting, the Councilor may request during a Regular Meeting that consideration of an agenda item be postponed to a future Regular Meeting. The request will be honored if the majority of the Council votes in favor of postponement and the matter is not time-sensitive.

2. If the request to postpone is made outside a regular Council meeting the Councilor requesting the postponement shall submit a request to the Mayor or City Administrator in writing or by email as early as possible. The request to postpone will be honored unless the majority of the Council at the public meeting votes not to postpone the item or if the matter is time-sensitive.

3. If time expires before the City Council can consider an item on the agenda including an advertised item, the unaddressed item shall automatically be continued to the next scheduled Regular Meeting or Study Session; re-advertisement shall not be required for such continued items. A note shall be placed on the Agenda referencing this continuance rule: “Items on the Agenda not considered due to time constraints are automatically continued to the next scheduled Regular Meeting or Study Session of the Council. AMC 2.04.030.E.”

E. Council Packets. Written materials, from Councilors, staff and citizens, which are related to agenda items to be included in the Council packet, must be submitted to the City Administrator’s office no later than 12:00 noon six days in advance of the Council meeting for which it is intended. Materials submitted must include author’s name and address.

F. Study Session Agenda Preparation. The City Administrator prepares the agenda for the Study Sessions from:

1. Items requested by the Mayor and members of the Council to be listed on the agenda.

2. Items deemed appropriate by the City Administrator.

3. Business from the Council pertaining to committee reports and other business.

4. Items requested by City Commissions, Committees or Boards.

G. Time Limits. Items appearing on the Council Study Session agenda shall be assigned a time limit and the Mayor shall hold discussion to within the time frame, unless the consensus of the Council is to extend the time limit until an issue or item is discussed and resolved. (Ord. 3002, amended, 02/18/2010; Ord. 2947, amended, 12/18/2007; Ord. 3100, amended, 2014; Ord. 3107, amended, 2015)