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The City shall issue a written determination granting or denying the application in whole or in part, applying the standards listed below. If the application is denied, the written determination shall include the reasons for denial. The standards to be applied by city are:

A. The financial and technical ability of the applicant.

B. The legal ability of the applicant.

C. The capacity of the public rights-of-way to accommodate the applicant’s proposed facilities.

D. The capacity of the public rights-of-way to accommodate additional utility and telecommunications facilities if the franchise is granted.

E. The damage or disruption, if any, of public or private facilities, improvements, service, travel or landscaping if the franchise is granted.

F. The public interest in minimizing the cost and disruption of construction within the public rights-of-way.

G. The service that applicant will provide to the community and region.

H. The effect, if any, on public health, safety and welfare if the franchise is granted.

I. The availability of alternate routes or locations for the proposed facilities.

J. Applicable federal and state telecommunications laws, regulations and policies.

K. Such other factors as may demonstrate that the grant to use the public rights-of-way will serve the community interest.