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Any person that desires a telecommunications franchise pursuant to this chapter shall file an application with the Finance Department which shall include the following information:

A. The identity of the applicant:

B. A description of the telecommunications services that are to be offered or provided by the applicant over its telecommunications facilities within the City.

C. Preliminary engineering plans, specifications and a network map of the facilities to be located within the public rights-of-way in the City, including copies in a computerized format specified by the City (unless the applicant demonstrates that the format utilized was developed by the applicant and is proprietary) and all in sufficient detail to identify:

1. the location and route requested for applicants proposed telecommunications facilities;

2. the specific trees, structures, improvements, facilities and obstructions, if any, that applicant proposes to temporarily or permanently remove or relocate.

D. If applicant is proposing to install aboveground facilities, to the extent that the applicant will be using utility poles, evidence from the Electric Utilities Department or pole owner that usable space is available for locating the applicant’s telecommunications facilities on existing utility poles along the proposed route; and if usable space is not available in some or all service areas, an indication of these locations and a “make ready” schedule for completion.

E. If the applicant is proposing an underground installation in existing ducts or conduits within the public rights-of-way, provide information in sufficient detail to identify:

1. the excess capacity currently available in such ducts or conduits before installation of applicant’s telecommunications facilities;

2. the excess capacity, if any, that will exist in such ducts or conduits after installation of applicant’s telecommunications facilities.

F. If applicant is proposing an underground installation within new ducts or conduits to be constructed within the public rights-of-way:

1. the location proposed for the new ducts or conduits;

2. the excess capacity that will exist in such ducts or conduits after the installation of applicant’s telecommunications facilities.

G. A preliminary construction schedule and completion date.

H. Financial statements prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles demonstrating the applicant’s financial ability to construct, operate, maintain, relocate and remove the facilities.

I. Information in sufficient detail to establish the applicant’s technical qualifications, experience and expertise regarding the telecommunications facilities and services described in the application.

J. Information to establish that the applicant has obtained all other governmental approvals and permits to construct and operate the facilities and to offer or provide the telecommunications services proposed.

K. Whether the applicant intends to provide cable service, video dial tone service or other video programming service, and sufficient information to determine whether such service is subject to cable franchising.

L. An accurate map showing the location of any existing telecommunications facilities in the City that applicant intends to use or lease.

M. A description of the services or facilities that the applicant will offer or make available to the City and other public, educational and governmental institutions.

N. As Builts, after completion of initial construction.

O. A description of applicant’s access and line extension policies.

P. The area or areas of the City the applicant desires to serve and a schedule for buildout to the entire franchise area. (Ord. 2850 § 27, amended, 10/19/1999)