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No person shall construct or install any telecommunications facilities within a public right-of-way in the City without first obtaining a construction permit and paying the construction permit fee established in section 16.12.070.

A. No permit shall be issued for the construction or installation of telecommunications facilities in the public rights-of-way unless the telecommunications carrier has first applied for and received a franchise pursuant to chapter 16.20 or previous grantees that have timely filed for, and are actively and expeditiously pursuing, a franchise renewal.

B. No permit shall be necessary for the installation of a customer specific wire (“a drop”) by a franchise grantee where no excavation within the right-of-way occurs.

C. No permit shall be necessary for the installation of telecommunication facilities within a utility easement that is not otherwise within, under or over a public street, road, highway, bridge, alley, bikeway, sidewalk, trail or path. (Ord. 2850 § 7, amended, 10/19/1999)