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A. When the Fire Code Official determines that an increased fire risk exists in the City of Ashland, the Fire Code Official may enact a policy to restrict activities that increase the potential for the ignition of fires that create a hazard to life, property or resources.

B. The policy must indicate what activities are restricted, and the time period for which the restriction will be in effect.

C. For the purposes of consistency and coordination between all cooperating agencies with adjacent boundaries, a plan shall be developed by the Fire Code Official in cooperation with the Oregon Department of Forestry and other federal, state and local governmental agencies affected by the restrictions. The primary objective of the plan is to achieve uniformity of fire restrictions regardless of land ownership; however, exact uniformity is not required. The plan shall recognize variations in fire danger, and it shall specify levels of restrictions by unique but easily recognizable geographic boundaries.

D. Permits may be issued by the Fire Code Official or designees, which allow a person to conduct a restricted activity as long as specified fire prevention measures are taken to reduce the potential for fire ignition. (Ord. 3037, amended, 09/07/2010; Ord. 2944, amended, 11/06/2007; Ord. 2929, amended, 08/18/2006; Ord. 2925, amended, 04/18/2006; Ord. 2921, amended, 01/05/2006)