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Oregon Revised Statutes 447.010, 447.020, 447.030, 447.033, 447.035, 447.040, 447.050, 447.060, 447.110, 447.120, 447.130 and 447.140 and Articles I to XIII, inclusive, of Regulations Governing Plumbing and Water Supply and Distribution, adopted by the State Board of Health and on file with the Secretary of State, are adopted by reference in this code. All acts declared unlawful by the sections of Oregon Revised Statutes and by the regulations of the State Board of Health enumerated in this section shall be considered offenses against the City when committed within its boundaries. If a provision of the incorporated statutes or regulations conflicts with a specific provision of this chapter, then the provisions containing the most restrictive requirement shall prevail. (Ord. 2925, amended, 04/18/2006; Ord. 1376 § 1, amended, 1965)