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A. No permit or certificate of any kind shall be issued by the Building Official for a structure or occupancy which would violate any provision of the Ashland Municipal Code.

B. Provided written notice and an opportunity to be heard is first given, the Building Official, upon determining that a violation of this chapter exists, shall have authority to file a notice of noncompliance in the Jackson County Records office upon any property which contains a structure or is occupied in violation of this chapter.

C. The notice of noncompliance shall specify the owner of the property as reflected in the Jackson County Records office, the property description, the date and brief description of the violation and the citation to this chapter section.

D. Whenever the violation for which the notice of non-compliance was filed is corrected, the Building Official shall, upon payment of the recording fee for the notice of non-compliance and the recording fee for the notice of correction, immediately file a notice of correction. The notice of correction shall reference the notice of non-compliance and specify that the violation has been corrected. (Ord. 2925, amended, 04/18/2006; Ord. 2685, amended, 1992)