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No building for which a permit has been issued shall be occupied nor shall utilities be released until a final inspection has been made and a certificate of occupancy has been issued by the Building Official. Such certificate shall not be issued until all relevant requirements of AMC Title 15 have been met and all requirements of the Planning Commission shall have been completed. However, with respect to requirements of the Planning Commission, which shall include but not be limited to variance, conditional use permits, site plans and planned unit developments, the Building Official may, unless otherwise directed by the Planning Commission or City Council, release a temporary certificate of occupancy and a temporary release of utilities before the installation and completion of such requirements, and provided the owner has posted a performance bond satisfactory to the City Manager to ensure the installation of said requirements within a specified time, which time must also be satisfactory to the City Manager. (Ord. 3192 § 116, amended, 11/17/2020; Ord. 2925, amended, 04/18/2006; Ord. 1923, amended, 1977)