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A. Underground Utilities Required. In conjunction with the issuance of a building permit for a new electrical service all on-site utility lines, including but not limited to, electric, communications, and cable television, shall be installed underground. For the purpose of this section, appurtenances and associated equipment such as, but not limited to, surface-mounted terminal boxes and meter cabinets, and terminations for concealed ducts in an underground system, may be placed above ground.

B. Underground Utilities – Exceptions. Underground utilities need not be installed in the following instances:

1. Any replacement or relocation of a service on a lot when it does not necessitate any increase in the number of existing overhead lines and/or utility poles;

2. Any increase in service size if no additional overhead lines and/or utility poles are required; or

3. Single-family dwellings, when utility poles exist along property lines, or abutting streets, except for underground facilities required by Section 18.80.060 of the Ashland Municipal Code; provided, that a service panel and stubbed conduit shall be installed to convert to underground utilities at a future date.

C. Underground Utilities – Cost. The applicant for service shall be responsible for all trenching and backfilling, and shall pay to the City the connection fees specified in Section 14.16.090 of this Code.

D. Underground Utilities – Rules and Regulations. The City Council may, by resolution, adopt rules and regulations governing the installation and allocation of costs for underground utility extensions as a condition of building permit issuance. (Ord. 2925, amended, 04/18/2006; Ord. 2148 § 1, amended, 1981; Ord. 2052 § 7, amended, 1979)