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1. New buildings and existing buildings whose repair, alteration or rehabilitation costs exceed fifty percent of their replacement costs, that will be pursuing certification under the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Green Building Rating System (LEED) of the United States Green Building Council shall receive top priority in the plan check processing.

2. Applicants wishing to receive priority plan check processing shall provide the following documentation with the building permit submittals demonstrating the completion of the following steps in the working towards LEED certification.

a. Hiring and retaining a LEED Accredited Professional as part of the project team throughout design and construction of the project.

b. The LEED checklist indicating the credits that will be pursued. Building permit submittals must clearly specify the materials, systems and strategies they will use to achieve the credits in the plans submitted to the City of plan check approval.

3. A final report shall be prepared by the LEED Accredited Professional and presented to the City upon completion of the project verifying that the project has met, or exceeded, the LEED standard. (Ord. 3035, added, 08/17/2010)