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A. No one, but duly authorized employees of the City, is allowed to run any service wires on City poles or make any connection with City wires on City poles or underground or make any connection with City wires on service side of meter and all unauthorized persons are warned that they are liable for such connections under Section 164.365 [Felony - Criminal Mischief] Oregon Revised Statutes.

B. No connections, disconnect or repairs to electric service will be made other than during regular working hours, unless life or property is endangered, as specified by the state laws of Oregon governing municipalities in the hours allowed for working employees. Orders for connecting and disconnecting services received in the forenoon will be connected in the afternoon of the same day and orders received in the afternoon will be performed in the forenoon of the next regular working day, where possible.

C. The City shall have the right to refuse or discontinue electric service to a customer if any part of customer’s wiring or equipment or the use thereof is found unsafe by the City or in violation of applicable laws, ordinances, rules or regulations of public authorities until it has been put in a safe condition or the violation remedied. The City does not assume the duty of inspecting or repairing the customer’s lines or appliances or apparatus or any part thereof and assumes no liability therefore.

D. The City will not be responsible for transmission and delivery of electric energy through the customer’s wiring and equipment regardless of the place where such energy may be transformed or metered and will not be responsible for the same or for any loss or damage occasioned thereby whether to the customer or their person or otherwise or at all.

E. The City shall at all times have the right to ingress to and egress from a customer’s premises, at all reasonable hours, for purposes connected with the furnishing of electric energy and the exercise of any and all rights secured to it by law or these rules.

F. It is the general policy of the City and the Electric Department to operate the electric system and conform to the general policies of other utilities in the immediate general areas. Unanswered questions or situations may be resolved by using other utility rules as guidelines.

G. The City may request permission to trim trees on private property if such trees, in the judgment of the City, create a hazard to electric service lines on the same or adjacent properties. In the event such permission is refused, the property owner refusing permission shall be liable for all damages and costs that may result there from.

H. The City Council may, from time to time, make additional rules and regulations for electric service and set fees for energy sold and for services rendered. The staff is authorized to recover amounts equal to costs plus overhead for damages and unusual situations not covered specifically by these regulations. (Ord. 3029, amended, 08/03/2010; Ord. 2237, amended, 1983; Ord. 1757 § 6(J), amended, 1972)