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A. Prior to Installation. Every meter will be tested before installation and no meter will be placed in service if found to register more than two percent (2%) fast or two percent (2%) slow. New factory meters will not necessarily be tested other than at the factory.

B. Customer Request. A customer may, on notice of not less than one (1) week, require the City to test the meter used to measure customer’s requirements. No charge will be made for such a test except:

1. If a customer requests a meter test within six (6) months after installation or more than once per year, a deposit to cover the reasonable cost of the test will be required of the customer in accordance with the following schedule:


For each single phase meter



Single phase meters with instrument transformers



Three Phase meters



Three Phase meters with instrument transformers



The deposit will be returned if the meter is found to register more than four percent (4%) fast. The excess overcharge will be refunded to the customer for the period of twelve (12) months. The customer, or authorized representative, may witness the tests.

C. Nonregistering of meters found more than four percent (4%) slow shall require the City to render an additional billing on an estimated basis for the previous three (3) month period based on the City’s experience with the customers of the same class and general characteristics of the customer’s operations.

D. When it is found that the error in a meter is due to causes, the date of which can reliably be established, the billing will be computed back to that date; provided, however, that in no case will a bill for undercharge on residential service be rendered for a period exceeding three (3) months. (Ord. 2129 § 8, amended, 1981; Ord. 1855, amended, 1975)