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A. If the seal of the City’s meter is broken or if the meter, for any cause, does not properly register, the customer shall be liable for an average monthly bill for that period of the year.

B. The rate schedules of the City are applicable only for service supplied entirely by the City without interconnection with an outside source except that interconnection may be made through a double pole switch where necessary to meet minimum requirements for emergencies.

C. The City will exercise reasonable diligence and care to furnish continuous and sufficient supply of electricity to its customers and to avoid any shortage or interruption of delivery thereof. It cannot, however, guarantee complete freedom from interruption. The City will not be liable for interruption or shortage or insufficiency of supply, or any loss or damage occasioned thereby if same is the result beyond its reasonable control. The City may suspend service temporarily for repairs but will attempt to give a reasonable notice to the customers as circumstances permit. Such repairs and improvements will be performed as rapidly as may be practical and where reasonable shall be performed at such times as will cause the least inconvenience to the customers.

D. During times of shortage of supply the City will apportion its available supply of electricity among its customers as directed by the Public Utilities Commission or Federal Power Commission. In the absence of such direction it will apportion the supply in the manner that appears most equitable under conditions then prevailing.

E. All City meters will be sealed by the City, and it is unlawful for any person, other than an authorized representative of the City to break or tamper with the seal for the purpose of supplying electricity to the premises. When an unauthorized breaking or tampering of the meter seal is discovered, the City shall remove the meter entirely, and shall install a blank in the meter socket. Electric service will not be reinstated until a fee, double the usual reconnect fee, has been paid by the customer. Any customer who damages or causes a City electric meter to malfunction shall be held liable for any expenses incurred by the City to repair or replace said meter, and the bill must be paid in full before service can be restored.

F. Sub-metering shall be the customer’s own responsibility where master meters are installed.

G. For metering installations on customer premises the City furnishes necessary instrument transformers, test facilities and meters, for the City’s billing purposes and tests only. (Ord. 2242 § 3, amended, 1983; Ord. 1855, amended, 1975; Ord. 1757 § 6(F), amended, 1972)