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The “point of delivery,” unless otherwise specified by the City, is that location on the customer’s building or structure where City’s circuit and customer’s system are interconnected. Any additional service supplied to the customer at other points of delivery or at a different voltage or phase classification shall be separately metered and billed. City will supply the exterior connection commonly known as “service connection” between City’s transformers or lines and the point of delivery. If more than one service is required for delivery of electric power and energy to a customer, then (a) each service connection shall be separately metered and billed, or (b) City may establish the “point of delivery” on its transformer platform or other structure and install one set of metering equipment, in which event all service wires and other facilities beyond the point of delivery shall be installed and owned by customer; provided, however, that when the metering equipment is separated from customer’s premises by a street or railroad, City will furnish, own and maintain the necessary overhead service wire over such street or railroad. Should customer require delivery through more than one transformer installation, or shall require service at more than one voltage or phase, each service connection of each voltage and phase will be separately metered and billed unless customer owns all transformation and distribution facilities located beyond City’s meter which, in such case, will be located on the primary side of customer’s facilities and will constitute the point of delivery. (Ord. 1865, amended, 1975)