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A. Premises located outside the urban growth boundary may be connected to the Ashland sewer system when such connection is determined by the Ashland City Council to be in the best interest of the City of Ashland and to not be detrimental to the City’s sewage facilities. Such connection shall be made only upon the following conditions:

a. The applicant for sewer service pays the sewer connection fee and the systems development charges established by the City Council.

b. The connection is for the use and benefit of dwellings and buildings completed and existing on July 1, 1973.

c. An Ashland sewer main or line exists within 100 feet of the premises. No main or lines will be extended to serve properties outside of the Ashland Urban Growth Boundary.

d. The applicant shall secure, in writing, statements from Jackson County that the existing sewage system has failed and that the provision of sewer by the City of Ashland does not conflict with the Jackson County Comprehensive Plan support documents, rules or regulations.

e. The property owner shall execute a deed restriction on the property that states that no further buildings or additions to existing buildings shall be connected to the sewer service.

f. The property owner shall execute a contract with the City of Ashland which provides for payment of all charges connected with the provision of sewer service to the property; compliance with all ordinances of the City related to sewer service and that failure to pay for charges when due shall automatically become a lien upon the property. A memorandum of the contract shall be recorded in the county deed records with the cost of recording to be paid by the property owner.

B. The City Council may also provide sewer service outside the urban growth boundary by special contract under such terms and conditions the Council deems appropriate when such connection is in the best interest of the City. (Ord. 2704, amended, 1993)