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A. Use of Hydrants.

1. No person shall tamper, damage, or use water from a hydrant without first obtaining written approval from the Director or designee.

2. Some city owned hydrants exist outside the corporate City limits. The use of such hydrants is restricted to City and authorized personnel only. Anyone desiring to use these hydrants must obtain written approval from the Administrator or designee.

B. Relocating Hydrants.

1. Cost. If an applicant and/or customer requests relocation of a fire hydrant the applicant and/or customer shall be liable for all costs incurred.

2. Deposit. A deposit in the amount of estimated costs of relocating the hydrant shall be required. If the deposit exceeds the actual costs, the applicant and/or customer shall be refunded their deposit less actual cost. If the deposit is less than City’s costs, the additional costs shall be due and payable prior to activation of the hydrant.

3. Fire Department Approval. The applicant and/or customer shall receive written approval from the Ashland Fire Department prior to requesting relocation of a hydrant. (Ord. 2964, added, 10/07/2008)