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A. Time Limit. Temporary service connections shall be disconnected not more than ninety (90) days from the date of installation. An extension may be granted by the City upon request from the customer.

B. Charges for Installation. The customer shall be required to deposit with the City the following amounts as established by Council:

1. Estimated cost of installation and removal of temporary service connection.

2. Estimated cost of water served through the temporary service connection.

3. Cost equal to the value of the temporary service connection.

C. Refund of Charges for Installation.

1. Refund. If the deposit exceeds the City’s costs, the City shall refund the customer deposit less the City’s cost of removing the temporary service connection.

2. Additional Billing. If the deposit is less than the City’s costs, the customer shall pay the additional costs to City. Permanent water supply lines shall not be connected to water service lines until costs are paid in full.

D. Charges for Water Served. Charges for water shall be based on standard water rates established by Council.

E. Responsibility for Temporary Water Service. The applicant and/or customer is responsible for all damage and/or maintenance required for temporary water service beginning at the time of installation and ending at the time of removal by City. (Ord. 2964, added, 10/07/2008)