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Except as provided in Section 14.02.090 during the pendency of an appeal, if a residential customer’s service has been properly terminated under the above policies, the City shall not be required to restore or provide service at the same or any other location at which the customer resides without payment in full of any overdue amounts, together with any deposits and reconnection charges authorized in this Section. If service has been disconnected for nonpayment, a reconnection charge as specified by Resolution will be paid with the delinquent account if the reconnection is requested to be made during regular working hours of the Electric Department; or an afterhours charge as specified by Resolution during other hours or on weekends or Holidays, before service is restored. Any customer not having a current deposit whose service has been disconnected for nonpayment will be regarded as a new customer, and a new deposit shall be required before service is restored. (Ord. 2649, amended, 1991; Ord. 2345 § 1, amended, 1985)