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A. Physical Disabilities - the City will not terminate service of a residential customer or refuse to restore service on request, if the City has been advised in writing by a licensed physician, or public or private agency providing physical of mental health care, that termination of service would significantly endanger the physical health of the customer or any member of the customer’s household and a certification under Section 14.02.040.D is in effect. However, the City reserves the right to install a service limiter type meter while such certification is in effect.

B. Weekends and Holidays - Residential service shall not be terminated on, or the day prior to, a weekend or Holiday.

C. Accounts not related to residential service - the City will not terminate residential service of a customer for failure to pay for a nonresidential service at another address, nor shall service be terminated for a nonresidential service for failure to pay for a residential service at another address.