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The City will give written notice to the customer before termination of service. The notice will contain:

A. A clear explanation of the reasons of termination.

B. The date of the proposed termination which shall be not less than seven or more than ten days from the date of mailing the notice.

C. A statement advising the customer that he or she may appeal the proposed termination to the City Council by submitting a written request for a hearing to the City Recorder, Ashland City Hall, setting forth reasons for the appeal.

D. A statement that no termination will take place during the period of November to March inclusive, if the customer has obtained, prior to the proposed date of termination, a written statement from a licensed physician or a public or private agency providing physical or mental health care, that the termination would significantly endanger the physical health of a residential customer or any members of the customer’s household. The customer shall also be advised that such certification must be renewed in writing every thirty days thereafter, unless the certification states that the condition is chronic, in which case the certification must be renewed annually. Any customer filing such a certification shall also be advised that they must enter into an arrangement with the City to pay any past due bills that accrue while the certificate is in effect.

E. A statement that the City will not be liable for any loss incurred because of a disconnect for nonpayment of a utility bill. (Ord. 2781 § 2, amended, 1996)