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A. A customer shall establish credit with the City by depositing an amount equal to one and one-half (1 1/2) times the average monthly bill for the service address, rounded to the nearest five dollars. For new services, the Utility Services Division shall estimate the average monthly bill. A third party, other than the customer, may be permitted to post the required deposit, in which case the customer shall be deemed to have established credit as hereinafter provided. After a satisfactory payment record of ten (10) consecutive months with no more than one (1) delinquency, the deposit shall be refunded to the person who posted the deposit.

B. A customer may establish credit by providing a Letter of Credit from another utility company, which provided the customer’s heat source for a minimum of ten (10) consecutive months within the last year. The Letter of Credit from the utility company must furnish the following information:

1. Address (or addresses) served by the utility for this customer.

2. Length, type (residential/commercial), and time period at above location(s).

3. Number of past due mailer notices in the last year.

C. A customer to whom a deposit has been refunded, or to whom a Letter of Credit was accepted in lieu of a deposit, and who becomes delinquent may be required to reestablish credit by making a new deposit as specified in Section 14.02.020.A. Residential and commercial credit shall be established separately and credit for one type of service will not be used as credit reference for the other type of service. Once a customer has established credit, a deposit will not be required for additional locations as long as good credit is maintained. The City shall not terminate residential accounts solely for failure to re-establish credit under subsection 14.02.020.C. (Ord. 2649, amended, 1991; Ord. 2390, amended, 1986; Ord. 2242 § 1, amended, 1983)