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A. Initial Application.

1. Any person, firm or corporation desiring electric, water, and/or sewer service from the City must make application in writing on blanks provided therefore by the City, or by letter, and agree to abide by the rates, rules and regulations of the City.

2. The applicant must sign the form provided by the City, or send in by letter, and furnish the following information, if applicable:

a. Date of application.

b. Name of applicant.

c. Name of third party, if desired, who is designated by applicant to receive notice of termination.

d. Address of premises to be served.

e. Applicant’s mailing address where bills are to be sent.

f. Date applicant desires initiation of service.

g. Purposes for which service is to be used.

h. Previous service address of the applicant within the City, if any.

i. A deposit or a letter of credit to establish credit of applicant as specified in Section 14.02.020.

j. Applications processing fee in the amount of ten dollars ($10.00).

k. Such other information as the City may reasonably require.

B. Subsequent Applications. A current customer of the City of Ashland may connect utility service at a new location by telephone, if their account is current and their credit history shows no more than one (1) delinquency.

C. The application is merely a request for service and does not in itself bind the City to serve except under reasonable conditions, nor does it bind the customer to take service; but if the service is connected, the customer will be required to pay monthly minimum charges according to the applicable rate.

D. No application for electric, water and/or sewer service shall be accepted, or no new service shall be furnished to any person, firm or corporation who has any bill, fee or charge which has been due to the City for a period of thirty (30) days or more, until such bill, fee or charge has been paid in full. (Ord. 2649, amended, 1991)