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A. Within a reasonable time after the City Engineer has completed the report required in Section 3, the City Council shall hold an informational public hearing in which persons impacted by the creation of the Reimbursement District shall be given the opportunity to comment thereon.

B. Notice of the hearing shall be given not less than 10 nor more than 30 days prior to the public hearing date. Notice shall be given to the applicant and all owners of property within the proposed District, with notification by certified mail, return receipt requested or by personal service. Notice shall be deemed complete as of the date notice is mailed or served; failure to receive actual notice of the hearing shall not invalidate or otherwise affect any action of the City relative to the creation of the Reimbursement District and/or the costs associated therewith.

C. Formation of a District does not result in an assessment or lien against property; as a result, the hearing is informational only and the District is not subject to termination as a result of remonstrance to the formation thereof. The City Council has the sole discretion, after the public hearing, to decide whether the District is to be formed or not. If a District is to be formed, a resolution approving and forming the reimbursement district shall be adopted.

D. If a reimbursement district is formed prior to construction of the improvement(s), a second public hearing shall be held after the improvement has been accepted by the City when the Council may modify the resolution to reflect the cost of the improvement(s). (Ord. 3042, added, 12/21/2010)