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The City Engineer shall review the application and other material submitted therewith and prepare a written report for the Council which will address (to the extent relevant) the following factors:

A. Whether the Public Improvement for which reimbursement is sought has capacity sufficient to allow use thereof by property other than property owned by the applicant;

B. The area proposed to be included in the reimbursement district;

C. The actual or estimated cost of the improvements within the area of the proposed Reimbursement District and the portion thereof for which the applicant should be reimbursed;

D. A methodology for allocating the cost among the parcels within the proposed district and, where appropriate, defining a “unit” for applying the Reimbursement Fee to property which may be partitioned, subdivided or otherwise modified at some future date. The methodology should include consideration of the cost of the improvement(s), prior contributions by property owners, the value of the unused capacity, rate-making principles associated with the financing of public improvements, and such other factors as deemed relevant by the City Engineer;

E. The amount to be charged by the City for administering the Agreement, to be fixed by City Council and included in the resolution approving and forming the Reimbursement District. The fee is due and payable to the City at the time the Reimbursement Agreement is signed;

F. The period of time that the right to reimbursement exists if that period is less than ten (10) years; and

G. Whether the street, water and sewer improvements will meet or have met City standards. (Ord. 3042, added, 12/21/2010)